Kathleen Brodeur: The New Impressionism

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Impressionism is probably still the most popular art movement–in museums, galleries and even on greeting cards–in the world today. However, our perceptions of it have reversed. Rather than being seen as shocking and subversive, as it was initially perceived by the Academy and the Salons, it’s now viewed as reassuringly familiar. The American post-Impressionist artist Kathleen Brodeur revitalizes and renews this familiar movement for our times. Kathleen graduated with a degree in Visual Arts from Florida State University. She loves to travel and creates beautiful paintings, which she calls painted memories, which capture of some of the most spectacular and touristic places in the world.


Kathleen Brodeur uses  bold, vibrant colors and a palette knife. She creates paintings that sometimes have the delicacy, detail and definition of fine brushstrokes. As you can tell from the painting above, her post-Impressionist style has nuance and versatility: the upper part of the scene is executed with fine brushstrokes, while its mirror reflection shimmers and undulates with the bolder touch of the palette knife.


One of her most recent works, called Medicis Fountain, was inspired by her travels to Paris with her husband and collaborator, the postromantic artist, Edson Campos. This spectacular painting, featured below, seamlessly combines his new Romantic style and her new Impressionism. The original Medicis Fountain is located in the Luxembourg Garden in Paris. Its beauty and well-groomed, ornamental style inspired the two artists to blend their talent as harmoniously as they have united their lives. 


Claudia Moscovici, postromanticism.com

St Petersburg, Russia

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Greetings !     Here is a photo of the in progress group show that I am a part of, in St. Petersburg, Russia!  My painting is left of the woman in black [center left] by the painting of the man in the yellow jacket.

More photos to come of our trip to Paris!!


New Site

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Welcome to my new site! Its a work in progress so please keep checking back with me to see new work and new updates. Thanks!